Oskar Barrile  was born in Pesaro, italy in 1963. Actually he lives and work in Ancona.


Experimentation is the constant mover in oskar’s theory of poetry: he studies different techniques experimenting them, brushing up even some that weren’t important in the history of photography; the entire printing is revised, also negative, positive and development. His work is characterized by this progressive anxiety to renew the medium, it doesn’t matter the subject. He uses the camera as a dark-room to realize photocopy. “Gomma bicromata” that is sensitive to uv-rays can develop with sun rays and impresses the images without enlargement. He is, in conclusion, an alchemist of this art. Women are his main subject, women that populate his work sometimes in a silent way, some others as aggressive and angry icons. The process that goes ahead oskar’s work is between photography and painting: we have at the same time the physique and tactility of the artist’s hand that mix the elements together, putting them on a support simulating the brush on canvas and also the physical distance and utilization of technology as photocopy and computer.  Today it doesn’t make sense to put in different compartments the techniques used by artists and classify them a old-fashioned nineteenth century’s category; today energies mix and get into each other, circulating giddily in a neverending whirl of contaminations and relations. In this sense oskar’s art work appears extremely topic and contemporary.


Carlotta D’Addato